MAHENDI products are handmade with great love and intention.  As with most handcrafted items, our jewelry requires special care to maintain its beauty.  To provide the best care for your jewelry we’ve compiled a few helpful tips. These precautions will help prevent your delicate pieces from any accidental damage.

  • Avoid moisture. To keep your jewelry looking best, do not wear in the shower or while doing any physical activity, especially swimming.
  • Sterling silver can tarnish over time. To brighten your pieces, gently rub with a polishing cloth or use a silver dip solution.
  • To remove dirt from gold plated items, use soapy water and a soft toothbrush. To bring back the original sparkle, we recommend replating by jewelry professional.
  • Consider the fabrics you wear with MAHENDI products as they could catch on garments and cause accidental damage.
  • Store separately in a cool, dry place.