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Redefining Home Fragrance


Inspired by Native American and Tibetan teachings, we created our lava and crystal diffusers to be a meaningful connection to Mother Earth.

When we see a stone we reactivate the element of Earth inside us. To touch a stone is to touch our ultimate nature. When we reconnect with nature we become more grounded, more present, more calm.

Our curated artisan vessels make an exquisite statement on their own. When paired with the natural beauty of raw crystals they become a work of art. The eye is captivated by the crystals scattered across a bed of lava. As the drops of fragrance absorb the essence of the scent releases bringing a sense of peace and tranquility to your home.

Sprinkle the loose crystal across the lava as you release your intention. Recite your personal mantra or use ours.    "Clarity. Wisdom. Strength and Grace"