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Meet French Bailey

We are proud to introduce you to French Bailey, the creators of our inaugural piece in our MAHENDI Artisan Collection. Founders, Korri Roach and Patty Manwaring are the creative geniuses behind the brand and some of the kindest and most compassionate women we know. 

French Bailey hand crafts distinctive jewelry using organic metals and uncommon objects. FRENCH BAILEY is named after Korri and Patty's moms. A big city girl from the Bronx, Ellen French was compassionate and playful, with sparkling blue eyes. A small town girl from the West, Susan Bailey was sassy, creative, and long-legged. Their imagination and inventiveness are the inspiration for their designs. 

Created in honor of and inspired by their moms ... you can see why they are such a perfect fit for MAHENDI.

1. Why did you want to collaborate with us? 

Korri:  What it boiled down to for me is that MAHENDI was about mother’s and honoring them with beautiful designs, and that was the impetus for French Bailey. As you know, Bailey is my mom’s maiden name, and French is Patty’s mom’s maiden name. My mom was an artist, and French Bailey is my way to stay connected to her and one way for me to honor my mom. There’s a part of me that now creates and creating beautiful designs that help other women through MAHENDI felt so natural and so right. 

2. Motherhood is at the heart of MAHENDI, what did your mother mean to you? 

KorriWell, what came up right away for me is this is just what my mom taught me to be caring and kind and compassionate – and to love unconditionally. She had such strength and resilience and these are all traits I carry with me throughout my whole life. 

In thinking about it, for me it's the element of creativity and of creation. Literally my mom created me, raised me, and that is the connection and at the heart of it for me. Each time I create a piece I emulate my mom and it honors her and all moms. We make things from all these different parts and create something beautiful.  

MAHENDI is using creativity to support women, I love that. 

3. What was your inspiration for your French Bailey MAHENDI piece? 

Korri: What inspired us was the thought that mothers are so diverse – they come from different places, they speak different languages. We wanted to create a piece that speaks to us all. The element of literally creating each piece by hand was wrapped up into that. It wasn't some manufactured piece, there is a human behind it, making it. It's elemental. All of our designs are made with our moms in mind. We were able to bring that forward with the different metals that all compliment one other, and then adding the beautiful MAHENDI symbol completed the circle. 

4. What do you want our customers to know about French Bailey/You? 

Patty: I think one of the things for us is collaboration and working with other women entrepreneurs feels inspirational to us. It lifts everyone up. It's energizing to watch other women succeed and help other women. It IS who we are!  

It feels good to multiply beauty in the world and it's creating connections. It's empowering to us, empowering to the women we work with, and it puts good into the world. We believe now, more than ever, it is particularly the time to put more good in the world. 

And it all starts with moms – when they are supported good things happen in the world. 

Oh, and everyone should know we're fun and witty. Definitely that!